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5 Innocent Civilians Are Killed By Heartless Burmese Army

March 21, 2019

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According to Social Media Facebook post, 4 innocent family were and one Senior Woman mercilessly killed during hiding in the sefty hole by the shooting of  Burmese Army at the night of Se Taung Village, Buthitaung Township.

The death list of family is:

1) U Maung Aye Tun

2) Daw Than Nyint

3) Daw Ma Sein Kyaunt

4) Six years old daughter of Daw Than Nyint

5) U Ba Nyint's Mother, 70 years old

Local people source said, 22nd Division of inhuman Burmese Army brutally shot the Se Taung Village with the heavy weapons around at 10 pm yesterday  to until 7:30 am today.This is absolutely committed war crime and started crim against humanity in Arakan. Obviously,  Burmese Army has targeted direct threat against the civilians when they have faced drubbing against the Arakan Army since 2018.


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A Rampant Burmese Army Opens Fire Two Villages of Mrauk U Township, Some Civilians Injury

March 20, 2019

A bloodthirstiest Burmese Army 378 Light Infantry Battalion opens fire into two villages, Moungsway and Tharataw, 3 Miles far away from the South of Mrauk U at 5 pm today, said Maung from Mrauk U.

He explains a brutal Burmese Army intentionally shoots into the villegs with the weapons and mortars at 5pm and they rush to enter in the villages and arrest the civilians as porters at 6 pm. The villagers are on the run from the Burmese soldiers' arresting. He does not know in detail about how many people are arrested. However, some villagers are badly knocked and got the injured by Burmese Army and one headmaster of Primary School in Tharataw Village is wounded on his head.

At the night, District Police Headquarters of Mrauk U foully shells jungle and mountain areas of Thapuntaing and Panzeemyaung, where may be fallacious thought as Arakan Army movement.

In Mrauk U, an uncivilized  Burmese Army insolently shot around the city with the heavy shelling and weapons in the nights of 15 and 18 March, 2019 without fighting between the Burmese Aramy and the Arakan Army. On 18 March shooting, at least 7 civilians were injured and some houses in Rawhoungtaw...

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UN Myanmar Is Deeply Concerned About New Report in Arakan

March 19, 2019

Note to correspondents

The Acting Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Knut Ostby is deeply concerned about new reports of fighting between the Arakan Army and Myanmar security forces which continue to cause civilian casualties and displacement of communities in Rakhine State.

Mr. Ostby urges all sides of the conflict to ensure the protection of civilians, resolve differences through peaceful means, uphold their responsibilities under International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law, including the preservation of sites of cultural heritage.

Mr. Ostby calls for effective humanitarian access to populations in need of aid, particularly the children, women, elderly and other affected people. The United Nations is in contact with the Myanmar authorities and stands ready to continue with the humanitarian support to the affected civilian populations.

Yangon, 19 March 2019


Media contact: Stanislav Saling, Spokesperson, Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar, or +95-942 651 9871

Download at

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An Atrocious Burmese Army Rampages in Mrauk

March 18, 2019



Daw Thein Thein,51, Was Seriously Injured by Burmese Army Shooting

Mrauk U civilians are randomly attacked by brutal Burmese Army at 7:30 pm-10:30 pm. on 18 March, 2019. Burmese troops are still shooting anywhere in Mrauk U, including downtown. At least seven civilians, including a woman and two children have been injured and some houses in Rawhongtaw Villege were burnt down by inhuman Burmese light Infantry Battalions: 540, 377, 378. They have systematically treated and targeted to the civilians and committed war crime and crime against humanity in Arakan.

The day before yesterday, Burmese Army fired into the villages of Mrauk U with the making a fraudulent war against the Arakan Army. Daw Khain Khain Thein, 47, wounded by the hitting of motor shell and a rocket smashed into the side of Mrehthay Pagoda, near the Htukkant Thein Temple. Mrauk U (1430 AD and 1785 AD) is an ancient capital of Arakn and there are many interested historical sites: temples, pagodas, and palace and other. The city is very important place of Arakan culturally, literally, and architecturally and it has arranged to recognize a list of world heritage of UNESCO. Burmese Army should be respected the “Hague Conversation...

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AA Notices Warning to Burma Army Air Strikes

January 5, 2019

No photo description available.

Two Helicopters of Burma Army

According to Arakan Army (AA) report, two helicopters of Burma Army continued to attack on the area of northern Buthi Taung Township another day. AA stated 20 times attacking with the bombs started at 1:30 pm on the war zones of yesterday and other places.

Air strikes fought at the area of Ka Hthi Hla village. This fighting started on Tuesday December 18, 2018 at the village areas of Tha Lu Chaung, Pinnya Wa, and Kha Ru Chaung, AA reported. If Burmese Air Force will strike again tomorrow, Arakan Army has noticed warning to an appropriate action it.

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Thirteen Security Personnels Killed and Nine Injured by AA attacks Police Outposts in Buthi Taung Township

January 4, 2019

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AA Shows Guns and Ammunition with Prisoners of War 

Arakan Army attacked on four police outposts: Pan Zi, Kyaung Taung, Kyam Pouk, and Ka Hthi Hla in Buthi Taung Township, Arakan at 6:30 am of January 4, 2019, according to Arakan Army's Publicity and Information Department.

Arakan Army's report said that the policemen arbitrarily arrested the young men of Arakan and unjustly jailed them with the different reasons. And they co-operate with the Burma Army's offensive as a four cuts-- food, funds, information, and recruitment--  against Arakan Army. These outposts are used to stay Burma Army troops artileries attacked to Arakan Army, said Khaing Thu Kha, a spokeperson of Arakan Army. He said two helicopters struck the Arakan Army and some bombs hit over the Ka Hthi Hla village at 8am-3pm and some villager injured. And eight houses were burnt by Burma Army air raid in Ka Hthi Hla village.

Arakan Army said they seized guns, ammunition, and equipment from the four police outposts and claimed to capture 18 prisoners of war, including 4 females. They detained them at the safty area and released them accordence with the prisoners of war and detainees protected under international humanitarian law (IHL).


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1899 IDP Need Help to Survive in Arakan

December 26, 2018

Arakanese IDP

Total 1899 internally displaced people, including children need help  to survive the foods, medicines, and shelter because fighting between Burma Army and Arakan Army in Arakan. Since Burma Army has attacked face to face against the Arakan Army, IDP have fled from war zones. According to Wan Lark Foundation, 392 people in Buthi Toung Township, 335 people at Thum Pone Tam in Ponena KyanTownship, 459 people at Kan Zaugh in Kyauk Taw Township, and 713 in Toung Mum Kalar Village in Kyauk Taw Township. The IDP of Kyauk Taw Township took shelter in these areas after two helicopters of Burma Army fought to Arakan Army in December 18 around at 1 pm. But, U Zaw Htay, a spokesperson of President’s office of Burma, strongly denied about Burma Army’s air strikes when the solid evidences probed and witnesses said for these attacks.

Mostly these people are indigenous Mro and Khami of Arakan. They live and depend in the mountain areas to survive for their lives. However, they do not go back their homes because Burma Army and Arakan Army are still fighting so far. They said they are concerned about  their safeties. And they need humanitarian assistance immediately instead...

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ALD and ANP Call for Stop Military Action in Arakan

December 18, 2018

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Today, the two Arakanese Parties, Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) and Arakan National Party (ANP), call for to stop the current operation of Burma Army and Arakan Army and meet to discuss finding political solution.

According to Publicity and Information Department of Arakan Army, fighting between Burma Army and Arakan broke out Northwest of Pinnya Wa Village, which is situated between Taw Fya Khaying and Yo Khaying today at 10: 30 am.

Burma Army attacked to Arakan Army with the heavy weapons from three different positions and two helicopters also struck to 1 pm. The battle will be continued and strong, according to AA.

Fighting between the Burma Army and the Arakan Army have broken out since November and so far daily attacks in the townships: Kyauk Taw, Ponena Kyan, Rathe Taung,  and Buthi Taung.

As the result of battle, over 300 Arakanese Internally Displaced People took shelter at the temporary camp in the Ponena Kyan Township. IDPs will be raised due to clash.

All Arakanese are deeply concerned about unethical offensives of Burma Army and they could not go to work their paddy in the war zone.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, the Arakan Army, Myanmar National...

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6 Arakaneses Missing and 2 Maramagrees Were Wounded

December 18, 2018

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A Wounded Man

Today morning, 6 Arakaneses and 2 Maramagrees were struck by attacker during catching fishes in the Pru Ma stream in Krin Khaying Villege, Maung Taw Township. In accident, 2 Maramagrees were seriously injured their heads, according to local Hospital of Krin Khaying. 6 Arakaneses who lived in Upper Pru Ma, and Lower Pruma were missing in this attack. The villagers searched for hours but could not find the missing fishermen. However, they found the boat was in a prone position and broken paddle. Local witness said Bengali Muslims often stay Mraw Khaying Villege, near the accident spot.

Credit: Daewa Nadi

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14 Years Old Young Girl Killed by Unknown Killer

December 18, 2018


Watch Video

A young girl, 14 years old, was raped and killed by unknown murderer in Thet Taw Village, Maung Taw Township on Sunday 16, 2018, Arakan. She was a 5-grade student and killed during standing guard cattle.

When she was missing on Saturday 15, her family and villagers were looking for her at nearest area. However, they stopped their look due to dark of Sun set. And the next day, they found her dead body which was wounded in her hand and beheaded at the Zipun Khaying, two and half miles away from village. In this accident, local people suspect the criminal terrorists of Bengali Muslim.

In this case, Prun Fru Police Station opens file as murder case Code # 302 and authorities are immediately   looking for arrest who are committed the crime. But so many cases are not resolving and cannot find who is guilty of murder due to authorities’ corruption.

Credit: Aung Naing Min

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